Copa Maya

The Copa Maya is a circuit of 3 matches per year hosted by the Central America Regions, where each match accumulates points towards a yearly final standing.  The 3 regions adding points to the standings vary each year  in order to promote attendance to each region.   In 2017, the regions hosting matches valid for the Copa Maya are:

El Salvador: Copa Maya El Salvador/February 4-5

Guatemala: Copa Maya Guatemala/June 24-25

Costa Rica: 4-5 November, Costa Rica Open 2017

In order to be eligible for the accumulated standings, the shooter must participate in all 3 events per year.

The regions hosting the Copa Maya are:

  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Panamá

We will publish the regions hosting matches for 2018  in the Costa Rica Open 2017!