Scoring Policy

Scoring will be electronically using PractiScore.  We will have the system set up so that when you approve your final score in the tablet an email will be sent to you with the score of that stage.  It is really important you register with the correct email address! We will have a dedicated WiFi networks … Continue reading Scoring Policy

Match Ammo ordering information

You can now look at the available match ammo and how to order at We will have match ammunition in the following calibers: Prices are per box of 50 rounds in USD. OFFICIAL MATCH AMMO-Reloads: Used brass with Winchester primers and Berry´s bullets (no chrono required during match) 9mm (147 gr flat nose) minor: $16 … Continue reading Match Ammo ordering information

Match Schedule and some other news!

The Costa Rica Open 2017 is almost here!  A couple of announcements today. The Match Schedule has been published on the website at Also, if you need the shuttle service from and to the airport and you did not select the schedule when you made the reservation, please email Frescia Chinchilla at with your flight … Continue reading Match Schedule and some other news!